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1. Beat The Time.

JAMB Exams is a timed exams I.e it is time limited , one is given not more than 3hours to answer questions from four different subjects .Being Time Conscious means knowing how to use utilize and take advantage of time.In other to finish your exams before your time runs out , you must first start answering question you are familiar with . Start by answering simple questions that way your time will be sufficient to answer questions that required a bit of thinking and calculation.

2. Follow The Syllabus.

Jamb normally give out brochure either in textbook or CD format containing some vital informations about the jamb exams . Watch or read the syllabus part of the subjects you registered in jamb .

3. Use Past Questions.

They best way to pass jamb is by using jamb past questions and answers series. I can remember when I was writing my jamb exams all the English questions and answers are exactly the same to that of a particular year which of course I read . Buy and read jamb past series on the subjects you registered to write in jamb.

4. Know How Jamb Thinks

You must know how your enemy thinks in other to defeat them , since jamb is a computer based exams not writing material is required so jamb will try to eliminate questions that required lot of calculation . I am not saying you should not study subjects with calculation .

5. Don't Be Afraid.

I was shivering at first when I sat down to write my jamb , but I calm myself down before proceeding. Exam fever is one of the top reasons student failed don't be afraid when writing jamb .
Your wait for admission into any higher institution is over once you follow this guide on how to pass jamb with flying colors...